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Double Sided Carpet Tape

Double sided carpet tape is a pressure sensitive tape which have adhesive on both sides of the tape. Double side tape is mean to have two surfaces of material stick together. It would not be visible in the end product because it is in between the two materials. In this way it gives the finish product a neat and subtle look.

"FirmFix" double sided carpet tape is specially design to hold down carpets onto the existing floor finish. It is a double side tape which is hand tear-able, which makes it easy to work with.

"FirmFix" double sided carpet tape has high tack properties which can holds carpets in place.

This makes "FirmFix" double sided carpet tape very suitable for use for installing floor finish such as expo carpets, exhibition carpets and vinyl floorings at exhibition halls and events venue as the owners of the venues usually call for fast installation and removal.

In summary, "FirmFix" double sided carpet tape holds the expo carpet, exhibition carpet or vinyl flooring in place during the shows and it is easily removable. It save time for the carpet layers and venues owners.

Highly recommended for all carpet layers, "FirmFix" double sided carpet tape would save them time and monies.

double sided carpet tape

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